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I have come to see the message this book carries is why I am on the planet right now. Little did I realize, at the time, that the previous books I have had the privilege to pen were revelatory downloads to lead me to this point of discovery. This book is an expression of my passion and its focus is solely the kingdom. As you will come to see, the Old Testament and Gospels hold the message of the kingdom, HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT, in their narratives and verses. There is a shocking absence of understanding on the kingdom Jesus established. This book is an attempt to right the scales, so that many more may participate in its provision through the manifestation of signs and wonders.

The good news is the deliberate design and length, means the material lends itself to devotional reading on a daily basis for 40 days. If you SERIOUSLY want to grow your understanding of the kingdom. The book holds many revelatory gems along the way. So, if you want to understand why Jesus took two extra days to go to Lazarus, why God recorded Jonah’s tantrums in Jonah chapter 4, why Samson visited the prostitute in Gaza, how Jesus multiplied the bread and fish and why David really packed 5 smooth stones, plus much much more. Then that’s a bonus to be picked up as you journey into a kingdom that is now ready for exploration.

What people are saying...

‘A brilliant book!’
Gary Grant Friends First Church, Melbourne, Australia

‘This book is such a rich well of revelation.’
Katherine Ruonala, Glory City Church, Brisbane

‘In your hands is a treasure-trove of revelation!’
Alex Parkinson, In His Image Ministries






God is talking to you, are you listening?

God is continually speaking to us, his kingdom is here now, and it can be revealed to you through your everyday experiences, your experiences can be parables that God is delivering directly to you.

Adrian Beale, Everrest Ministries